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For Sale By Owners

Questions and Answers

Q.  What is the right price for my home?

A.  The final sale price of your home is not set by you or a Realtor; it is set by the purchasers using their own value system. Most serious buyers will look at a variety of homes before making a purchase. Their final decision will reflect their opinion of the value based on similar homes “For Sale” now as well as those recently “Sold.”

Q.  Will I save a broker’s fee selling “By Owner”?

A.  Yes…and no! Most buyers who deal directly with the owner do so to avoid paying full price. Knowing you are not represented by a Realtor, they make low offers and buy at bargain prices. Serious, motivated buyers know they can see a variety of homes which are priced at fair market value by first contacting a Realtor.

Q.  Will an “Open House” and an ad sell my home?

A.  Selling a home is a process which begins with a “marketing plan.” The plan includes pricing your home to reflect the condition and value it offers and positioning it in the market to attract serious buyers. Let a Realtor represent your interests by creating a plan to attract buyers to your home. The results can be an early sale at the best price.

Q.    Will buyers call back if I’m not home when they call?

A.    If you mean serious buyers – probably not. Their reasons for choosing a Realtor include locating a variety of suitable homes which are fairly priced, and then making appointments to see them. The best buyers, those who are motivated and qualified to purchase a home, don’t like delays. They mean business and expect a prompt response.

Q.  Can I be sure a buyer is qualified to own my home?

A.    Before signing a contract with any buyer, ask for detailed financial information. Unless the buyer is paying cash, such information can be critical in determining the buyer’s ability to purchase your home. Prequalification is just one of many services you may expect to receive when you are represented by a Realtor. The benefit? A satisfying sale.

Q.    What if my buyers have a house they must sell first?

A.    The buyers may not be able to complete the purchase of your home until their existing one sells. In the meantime, your home may be “off the market.” Before signing a “contingency” contract, learn all you can about the other home. Is it fairly priced? Has it been listed? How long has it been for sale? Ask your Realtor for details.


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